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Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Service

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The air conditioning units regulate the temperature by heating or cooling, humidity, cleaning by renewal and filtering and the movement of air within an enclosed space. Our team of professionals offers you all the solutions to any of the drawbacks that may present in your refrigeration equipment. These services guarantee an efficient operation and performance for your comfort.

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Summer days could be scorching. Our company can keep you comfortable all year round, even during the summer, with our integrated air conditioning services and repairs. Enjoy the comfort of air conditioning and cool temperatures at the perfect level in your home.

By checking your air conditioning, it is possible to verify the general condition of the appliance. This revision that our company provides offers the following services:

  • Cleaning of evaporators
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • Checking the tightness and levels of coolant and lubricating oil in equipment
  • Revision and cleaning of air filters
  • Revision of air distribution terminal units
  • Overhaul and cleaning of supply and extract air units
  • Repair of breakdowns in air conditioning circuits by split, multi-split, ducts, ceiling and wall consoles, cassette, heat pumps, etc.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning systems, gas loads, filter changes, grilles, and piping.
  • Optimization and personalization in the calculation of refrigeration for rooms.

We recommend that, for greater efficiency and comfort, you carry out maintenance in a periodicity of no more than three months, which will have as its objective to offer you basic preventive maintenance. It includes labor, tools, minor spare parts, and activities that your air conditioning requires so that it has an effective performance according to the same demands of your air.

Keeping your system in good operating condition is much more economical in the long run than making repairs when something goes wrong. Just like changing the oil in a car, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can extend its life and improve its efficiency. We offer a maintenance plan that includes two visits a year to fine-tune your system and perform essential maintenance work, plus other benefits. 

After each visit, we will give you detailed written information about the condition of your system and how you can make the most of its useful life. If your heating and cooling system operates at maximum efficiency, your home will feel more comfortable, and your utility bills will be lower.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We guarantee that we will fix any problems you may have with our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your new system, we will work to resolve the situation or refund your investment and collect the system.


The corrective maintenance that our company offers consists of the replacement by new original spare parts and of the first quality of the damaged parts, elements or accessories necessary for the normal operation of the equipment and that have failed by normal wear of the same ones. If leakage of refrigerant is detected in fittings and nuts that are easy to repair, they will be tightened, and the charge content of the refrigerant will be adjusted.

We have qualified and certified personnel to perform all activities involving the installation of air conditioning systems. Air conditioning systems will be installed and put into operation to the customer’s complete satisfaction. It includes the interconnection between the operator and the remote unit employing imported copper pipes.

We repair systems of any series, model or brand. Our specialists can diagnose any situation in your system and help you decide how to proceed with the repair.  

All our air conditioning repair prices are set in advance. The cost we present to you will be what you pay, regardless of how long it takes to repair. Once the problem has been diagnosed, our specialist will explain what they found, what solutions are available, and how much each option costs. When you approve one of the solutions offered, we will begin work immediately. Our trucks are fully equipped with most of the parts your air conditioning system may need.

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