Maintenance and Repair of Ranges

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Ranges are simpler appliances than they seem and can be repaired by taking some safety measures. Ranges do not usually have significant breakdowns. Their malfunction is sometimes due to the accumulation of traces of grease or food in burners or gas pipes. When ranges fires lose power or give an abnormal flame, a thorough cleaning will resolve any defect. Our services support all these problems and solutions, guaranteeing the comfort and excellent performance of the work of your appliance.

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We do what we can to keep you cooking. We have an extensive network of professional services throughout the region, and our specialists know the appliances to perfection regardless of the brand or model of your device.

To offer contact help and more information, if you need specific advice for your household appliances, need help to solve problems or want to give us your opinion about our products and services: we are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

We offer an unparalleled repair service, you do your job the best way, and we do ours. If you need professional help, our technicians will come to your home to repair your appliance at the time that suits you best.

Our maintenance projects propose integral multi-brand solutions to respond to the different needs and inconveniences that your device may present.

Our team of expert technicians will provide you with the best and fastest technical assistance for repairs both within and outside the warranty period. The notices are analyzed in advance by a specialized team to ensure that the technician comes with the spare parts that will probably be needed to complete the repair.

For all types of large electrical appliances, especially ranges, the technicians will come to your home to repair any breakdown. They will also offer you the necessary advice to avoid failures in the future. You can organize an appliance repair by telephone or online.

Services we offer:

Technical audit

We analyze the functional state of the range facilities to ensure the proper functioning of all systems.


A good installation is a guarantee of proper operation and cost savings. It, therefore, entrusts the assembly of ranges to specialist technicians.


The commissioning of the systems is essential to ensure maximum machine performance and prevent possible future malfunctions.

Preventive maintenance

It is essential to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failures, preventing incidents before they occur.

Corrective maintenance

Urgent repair of equipment malfunctions avoids loss of production capacity and significant cost savings.

Sale of spare parts

Only original spare parts replaced by authorized personnel can maintain the warranty of both kitchen equipment and ensure the quality of the repair.

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