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Repair Microwave Ovens Within Reach Of Your Home

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The microwave oven is developed by being a device that helps speed up the process of heating our food, by being a device which we use often it can suffer failures or problems in it’s operation, having this appliance as a tool that helps us save time is of great importance to us.

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In our microwave oven repair we have been recognized for offering every day the best in services, incorporating technological advances in both logistics and technical operation that allow accelerating, but above all organize the processes of our company within which are the repair, installation, maintenance, and sale of spare parts for the microwave.

For the repair of microwave ovens, a specialized group has been formed, which is not only trained to provide corrective solutions but also determinations to prevent possible maintenance and repairs so that your equipment will last in time.

Dedicated service in all processes

We involve our customers in the process that is taking in our company for their microwave ovens, informed at each stage the necessary information and approvals to have for this, such as the approval of the budget and validation of repair times, arrival of spare parts and quality of installed components.


With a complete spare parts warehouse in our headquarters, we directly provide our services and those parts that the customer requires without assistance, we have direct contact with distributors of the most recognized brands, which has access to microwave oven parts and online spare parts inventory, in addition to availability and arrival time of parts, manufacturers have replacement parts for certain components, part numbers are coded directly by the brands in their system, all parts for microwave ovens are stored in their original packaging and protection.

We are those companies that like to provide a repair of microwave ovens of excellence, that is why we have advantages over other service providers, we strive to deliver your equipment in the most acceptable level of cleanliness possible always giving the option of preventive maintenance as additional service and giving an extra plus to your microwave ovens, we also carry a technical record in our system with the history of all interventions to your equipment that can be consulted at any time.

When you need to repair your microwave ovens remember that a specialist will be more effective, in addition a company consolidated and registered with the control and tax authorities of our country guarantees a serious and responsible process for any technical intervention to your microwave ovens, another essential aspect is that you have access to original spare parts for the repair of your appliance, verify that you have address and validate it through Google Street View to confirm the address of the service representative and parts for your microwave ovens.

We help households, primary users of household appliances to continue having a normal life while we take care of their microwave ovens, either at home or with delivery and collection service through our specialized transport, we provide all families large forms of payment such as cash, bank transactions, credit cards.  We also offer solutions that a conformed company would do, with uniformed technicians but specially trained in microwave ovens to adapt to customer needs.

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