Washing Machines

Service of maintenance and repair of washing machines of greater guarantee in the market.

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Responsible for ensuring the performance and operation of your washing machine, whether for use in public laundry, private or at home. We are providing maintenance services and repair of your washing machine for the best performance and benefit. Washing is a frequent activity which can cause saturation of these machines, generating failure or some inconvenience at the time of use, at that time is where our team of specialists come in to provide service and offer the solution you need.

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It is evident that laundry is a necessary activity that is often frequented, especially if you have children at home, that is why we offer convenient arrangement services for our consumers. These must be affordable, timely and effective to generate satisfaction in the hiring and provision of the service.

Our services cover a wide range of household appliances, but we are specialists in repairing washing machines and dryers that require a high frequency of use, generating more frequent failures than any other equipment. We use the best tools and work with the best quality parts on the market to ensure lasting performance. We work with recognized equipment such as Samsung, Whirlpool, Electrolux, LG, Mabe and many more.

We take care of solving your problem regardless of what it is or present; we will identify the failure of your appliance and solve it in a matter of time. It doesn’t matter the location within the range of our state coverage. We’ll give you the service you need and back up your warranty for the best possible reliability.

The primary objective of our company is to attract, retain, promote and develop our human talent. We implement training strategies, timely communication, deployment of strategy, safety, health and quality of life for employees and their family group.  All this seeking to achieve an optimal work environment, human beings more committed to organizational objectives and business sustainability.

When a company is born from a commitment to service, it is undoubtedly part of its composition. Hence our purpose is to knock on the door in thousands of homes in Los Angeles, to be bearers of welfare and tranquility, an objective achievable through a qualified and extraordinary technical service that today allow us to provide personalized attention that exceeds expectations and generates value through opportunity, closeness, ease, and trust.

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